Instructors : Kathy-Ann Nobbs-Thiessen

Kathy-Ann's Classes

Zumba® - Monday 6:45 pm
Kitsilano Community Centre
Zumba® - Monday 6:30 pm
Live Stream via Zoom
Zumba® - Wednesday 6:45 pm
Trout Lake Community Centre
Zumba® - Wednesday 6:30 pm
Live Stream Via Zoom

I have always had an interest in fitness, particularly dancing. I fondly remember twirling to music in my parents' basement as a little girl. In 2009, I tried my first Zumba® class and was instantly hooked. For the first time ever, I craved exercise. I soon found myself taking the training to become a Zumba instructor, and now teach Zumba all over Vancouver.

I hope to share my enthusiasm with everyone I meet. I am a teacher at heart and will encourage you with enthusiasm, smiling and cheering you on throughout class. I smile so much while doing Zumba® that I have actually had lip spasms before, which, although uncomfortable, is proof that I really love what I do.

I teach Zumba® because I want others to experience the extreme joy and satisfaction it elicits. I teach Zumba® in Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Port Coquitlam. Come and join me for an uplifiting, fun-filled party class! Let's shimmy, shake, wiggle, and giggle together!